November 6th - 9th November, 2024

Activities to mark Africa Celebrates 2024 will run for 5 consecutive days. The event welcomes the participation of all African countries and Africans in the diaspora. They will have the opportunity of doing business and enjoying African diversified culture. Participating countries will also use this period to market their touristic and business opportunities while exhibiting products made in their countries.


Exhibition of Made in Africa

Africa Celebrates will be showcasing an exhibition of made in Africa products (ready for export) from across the continent. The 2 days exhibition will give participating countries the opportunity to promote their local products and touristic potentials



African Cultural Heritage is mostly represented in their dance culture and tradition. In every region of Africa, drumming, singing and dancing is a form of identity through which the people are represented. This goes along with costumes, makeover and other wearable arts. Visitors to Africa Celebrates will be treated to unique dances from across Africa.


Taste Africa

The diversified nature of African cuisine is one of the components that has uniquely defined the continent, delighting locals and travelers on its range of flavors. African cuisine is a unique fusion of different cultural influences, all combined to create the modern mix of cuisines that defines each country’s unique taste. Guests will be treated to the various African country’s cuisines.


The Business Forums

There will be 2 business forums during Africa Celebrates. These include the African Global Economic & Development Summit and Africa Fashion Business Summit.


Africa Talks Business & Investment Forum (ATBIF)

Africa Talks Business and Investment Forum is a business platform that connects African business leaders, entrepreneurs, and SMEs to their counterparts from across the continent and the Diaspora. Taking advantage of Africa’s huge population of over 1.3 billion people and AFCFTA, ATBIF strongly believes Africa’s prosperity lies in doing business with itself. This forum is designed to accelerate trade and infrastructure investments activities in Africa with Africans as the drivers.


Africa Fashion Business Summit (AFBS)

The Africa Fashion Business Summit is organized annually by Legendary Gold Limited in collaboration with the African Union. Africa Fashion Business Summit is a platform that presents the conversation of the business of fashion. It is the melting point of the entire African fashion ecosystem and all its value chains to interact and find solutions to the various challenges practitioners encounter in the cause of doing business. It brings together fashion entrepreneurs, designers, models, make-up artists, hair stylists, manufacturers of beauty, hair, and fashion products, retailers, wholesalers, and investors to a common purpose.