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Meet the Organisers

Africa Celebrates is packaged and organized by Legendary Gold Limited in collaboration with the African Union and the Embassy of Nigeria in Addis Ababa. The local Ethiopian partner is Pristine Marketing Group (PNG) and Studio 1888 EC. See brief profile of organizers below;


Legendary Gold Limited is a Pan Africa event company. It is a vanguard event organization in Africa. We curate, package and organize events that promote the enviable values of Africa in diverse sectors. Since the year 2000 when we organized our first international event in Paris, we have successfully organized events in 37 countries in all continents across the globe. These events covers a wide spectrum of fields that includes the creative industry of fashion, music, films and the arts. We have also curated and organized events for both the public and private sectors across Africa and beyond which includes business forums, trade fairs/exhibitions, workshops and training.

Since 2013, our priority and focus has shifted to curating Pan African events that empowers women and youths across Africa. This is with the sole aim of creating jobs which will empower local communities. Included in this regard has been various capacity building workshops and forums.

With a staff strength of 11 graduates and consultants in major cities across the world, Legendary Gold Limited is able to deliver world class events anywhere across the globe. Our in-house events include Africa Celebrates, Africa Fashion Reception, Africa Fashion Business Summit, Nigeria Fashion Week etc.

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The African Union Commission (AU) was launched in 2002 as a metamorphosis of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) which was founded in May, 1963. The OAU was founded with a Pan-African vision for an Africa that should be united, free and in control of her own destiny by her founding fathers, who recognized that freedom, equality, justice and dignity were essential objectives for achieving the legitimate aspirations of the African peoples.

The membership of the African Union Commission is made up of all 55 African countries who have a combined population of 1.3 billion people with different cultures that enrich her diversity. The African Union headquarters which is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia has a mandate to achieve greater unity and solidarity between African countries, promote democratic principles and good governance among others, while supporting institutional efforts at reviewing the future of Africa, enhancing an African social model and way of life by forging Pan-African values subservient to MDG’s, through its Economic, Social & Cultural Council (ECOSOCC).

As the need to fashion out a sustainable development trajectory for Africa became more and more imperative, it became necessary to revive its development objectives in the face of several structural transformations. This gave birth to “Agenda 2063”; a continental blueprint of the Africa we want, to transform the nations therein into democratic, peaceful, and innovative powerhouses that will aim to be global players in the next 50 years.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the Ethiopian government ministry which oversees the foreign relations of Ethiopia. The ministry was established 116 years  ago, in 1900. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs collaborates closely with the Prime Minister’s Office and other relevant governmental agencies to shape Ethiopia’s foreign policy objectives. It represents Ethiopia’s interests in the international arena, conducts negotiations and diplomacy on various issues, and handles matters related to international law, treaties, and agreements.


The Embassy of Nigeria serves as the Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the African Union and UNECA and doubles as the gateway for Nigeria’s diplomatic relations with Ethiopia and Djibouti. The Mission is providing Consular, Immigration, and other services to Nigerians in Ethiopia and Djibouti.

The Mission is also engaged in representational duties on behalf of the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on political, economic, social, educational, humanitarian, cultural, and other global issues including promoting trade ties and supporting new avenues for economic partnership between Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Nigeria.


The Embassy of the Republic of Burundi is responsible for the bilateral relations with the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, the Republics of Chad, Djibouti South Sudan, and Eritrea and the State of Israel.   Concurrently it serves as the permanent mission of the Republic of Burundi to the African Union (AU) and to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).  Besides, The embassy serves as a bridge between Ethiopian investors who want to take advantage of the business opportunities that Burundi offers. 

Mayalz Events & Co

Mayalz Events & Company is the local Ethiopian partner event company of Africa Celebrates. It is a pioneering African company headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, committed to redefining the landscape of events and marketing across the continent and beyond. We envision a future where excellence intertwines seamlessly with event management, driving impactful experiences that resonate globally. As trailblazers in corporate events management, we are dedicated to providing bespoke solutions that transcend expectations. From meticulous planning to impeccable execution, we offer a diverse array of services crafted to meet the unique demands of our clientele, ensuring a transformation and unforgettable event journey.