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Meet the Organisers

Africa Celebrates is packaged and organized by Legendary Gold Limited in collaboration with the African Union and the Embassy of Nigeria in Addis Ababa. The local Ethiopian partner is Pristine Marketing Group (PNG) and Studio 1888 EC. See brief profile of organizers below;


egendary Gold Limited is the foremost cultural and creative industry promotion and production Company in Africa. With its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, its operation spread across the world. We are the vanguard in projecting African rich cultural heritage across the world. Since its inception in 1996, LGL has become the cultural and creative industry’s reference point in Africa. We are a leading global brand, innovating trends and promoting talents in the creative and cultural industry, thus fostering entrepreneurship and integration in the continent.

With professional competence in fashion, Legendary Gold Limited has also handled big productions in music, films and the arts. We revolutionised African fashion globally. Our promotional activities from inception re-oriented the entire African fashion industry to looking inward to Africa’s various rich cultures for inspiration by using locally made fabrics, accessories and designs. We also reoriented Africans to wear African clothes. We have organized events in 38 countries in all continents around the world

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The African Union Commission (AU) was launched in 2002 as a metamorphosis of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) which was founded in May, 1963. The OAU was founded with a Pan-African vision for an Africa that should be united, free and in control of her own destiny by her founding fathers, who recognized that freedom, equality, justice and dignity were essential objectives for achieving the legitimate aspirations of the African peoples.

The membership of the African Union Commission is made up of all 55 African countries who have a combined population of 1.3 billion people with different cultures that enrich her diversity. The African Union headquarters which is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia has a mandate to achieve greater unity and solidarity between African countries, promote democratic principles and good governance among others, while supporting institutional efforts at reviewing the future of Africa, enhancing an African social model and way of life by forging Pan-African values subservient to MDG’s, through its Economic, Social & Cultural Council (ECOSOCC).

As the need to fashion out a sustainable development trajectory for Africa became more and more imperative, it became necessary to revive its development objectives in the face of several structural transformations. This gave birth to “Agenda 2063”; a continental blueprint of the Africa we want, to transform the nations therein into democratic, peaceful, and innovative powerhouses that will aim to be global players in the next 50 years.


The Embassy of Nigeria serves as the Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the African Union and UNECA and doubles as the gateway for Nigeria’s diplomatic relation with Ethiopia and Djibouti. The Mission is providing Consular, Immigration, and other services to Nigerians in Ethiopia and Djibouti.

The Mission is also engaged in representational duties on behalf of the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on political, economic, social educational, humanitarian, cultural, and other global issues including promoting trade ties and supporting new avenues for economic partnership between Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Nigeria.

As the most populous country on the African continent, Nigeria has enormous potentials for rapid growth, as huge opportunities for investment abound in Agriculture, Energy, Infrastructure, Financial Services, Tourism, Education, Information and Communications Technology, amongst others.


As the local partner of Africa Celebrates, Pristine Marketing Group is a leading Addis Ababa based Marketing firm founded in 2020.  Pristine primarily focuses on Event Management and Production.  Additional services rendered include, identify and talent management, as well as, lending its marketing strategy and branding services to emerging businesses.  Pristine take an integrated approach to strategic planning, in the process developing unique personal experiences, that produce measurable results.  Combine that with logistics, production and execution capabilities in both emerging and established markets.


Studio 1888 EC is a venture studio that creates startups. At 1888, we turn ideas into market leading products, while creating meaningful jobs to the youth in the process.
As a place to support the next generation of entrepreneurs and tech startups, our company name, 1888 EC, refers to the year of the victorious Battle of Adwa on the Ethiopian Calendar (or EC). In addition to representing a pivotal part of Ethiopia’s independence history, the letters “EC” hold many meanings ad also stand for ‘Enterprise Central’, ‘Equity Central’ & ‘Entrepreneurship Center’.
With dual representations of our past victory as well as our fundamental work in building Ethiopia’s future entrepreneurs, our company’s creation originates from the idea of symbolizing the victory we want to re-imagine against poverty by empowering young entrepreneurs to innovate. As a venture
studio, our mission is to address the problems of the future through entrepreneurship and
partnerships are key to achieving our collective goals of creating value and meaningful jobs to young people in Ethiopia and beyond.

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