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The Business Forums

There will be 2 business forums during Africa Celebrates. These include the African Global Economic & Development Summit and Africa Fashion Business Summit.

The 5th African Global Economic & Development Summit (AGED)

Global Green Development Group in collaboration with Africa Celebrates 2023 will be hosting the 5th African Global Economic & Development Summit. With the theme ‘‘Transforming Africa through the Industrialization of its Economies’’, AGED summit

2023 will be presenting the enormous opportunities for growth in the areas of investment, partnerships, and joint ventures in all economic and social development sectors in Africa. This is most especially as the continent becomes a key emerging market for international trade and investment over the coming decades.

Although Africa is the richest continent on earth in terms of natural resources, it has remained underdeveloped with an estimated 30% of its people living in extreme poverty due to export of raw materials and resource extraction by design. Until now, only the world benefited from Africa’s wealth. Today, Africa is demonstrably opposed to that legacy as it seeks to industrialize by adding value to its immense resources.

The governments are now legislating policy reforms to create industrialization in a continent which is truly the last economic frontier. This is more also with the establishment of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) which is offering promise not only for the region but also for the world. It will create the world’s largest free trade area fostering further expansion of these opportunities through greater economic integration, intraregional trade, and investment among African countries.

AGED summit is designed to unveil opportunities throughout the continent that showcase projects and services that are transparent, well packaged, and ready for immediate take off.


Africa Fashion Business Summit

The Africa Fashion Business Summit is an economic platform for Africa’s fashion industry, its value chain players and leaders to meet and address some of the challenges they face in the cause of doing business. It is a forum that presents the conversation and execution of the business of fashion. It is the melting point for the entire African fashion eco system. The AFBS is the connection for both the front and backend of the fashion industry. It brings together fashion entrepreneurs, designers, manufacturers, retailers and investors to a common purpose</p> <p>One of the major focuses of AFBS is to research and keep the conversation and practice of sustainability in the fashion industry and its value chain going. AFBS has been held annually since 2016 at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa. It takes place as one of the activities that marks the Africa Fashion Reception.

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