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Afro Film Alliance



Afro Film Alliance (AFA) is the film component of Africa Celebrates. This highly anticipated gathering of African film makers both from the continent and the diaspora aims to revolutionize the African storytelling landscape, fostering unity, and leveraging on the trans-formative power of the African rich cultural values to drive social and economic progress.<br /> Afro Film Alliance has the primary goal of uniting African film makers as a collective force by harnessing the power of cinema to showcase our diverse cultures, rich heritage, and breathtaking tourism locations. Through collaborative efforts, the AFA project seeks to provide a platform for African filmmakers to tell profound and impactful African inspired stories, bridging gaps and fostering a sense of unity in the film industry across the continent. By promoting cross-national and cross-continental collaborations in storytelling, AFA intends to challenge stereotypes and exhibit the vibrant tapestry of African rich cultural heritage.<br /> The major goal of Afro Film Alliance is to create a single platform for filmmakers across the continent and the diaspora to collaborate on Pan African film initiatives, telling the correct African stories through a collective effort that encompasses script writing, casting, crew selection, and location choices with the goal of bringing about a deeper understanding of African heritage. This can be achieved with the partnership of film practitioners and relevant government bodies, control boards and regulatory authorities in the film sector. Activities to mark Afro Film Alliance will include panel sessions and film screenings